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Buckwheat Microgreen
  • Buckwheat Microgreen

    • Color: Hints of red and yellow in the stems along with leafy green tops
    • Flavor: A citrus-like flavor with tarty and tangy undertones
    • Nutrients: Vitamins B, C, and K, folic acid, and fiber

    Buckwheat microgreens are very easy to grow but only in soil. Growing buckwheat micro greens is very difficult hydroponically and we don't recommend it. You can also grow buckwheat greens from hulled raw seeds, but the germination rate is very low. With whole (shell intact) buckwheat microgreen seeds, the germination rate is extremely high. Soak seeds in cold water for half a day to a day, rinse well, then spread over the soil. To prepare the soil, tamp it gently to flatten. Spread the buckwheat seeds evenly (they should be quite thick) and tamp very gently to insure contact with the soil. Mist thoroughly twice a day. Keep covered with the blackout / humidity dome for 3 to 4 more days before exposing light. Water once a day so the soil is damp but not soggy. Rinse thoroughly and take care to remove all the shells before drying and serving. Buckwheat greens are delicate and pale green with a tangy flavor. They make and excellent snack and your kids will even try to sneak them!

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    • Nutritional Value

      Nutrients: Vitamins B, C, and K, folic acid, and fiber



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